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St. John's School opens.


North Square has five banks (Berradini, Forte, The Siculo Express, Stabile and Ferrulo). North Square customarily crowded with laborers waiting for padrones to offer them work at construction sites or farms in Maine or New Hampshire. Workers transported in horse-drawn wagons.


Paul Revere House restored and opened, to the public as a museum.


Boston’s wholesale vegetable and fruit market operates at the corner of Richmond Street and Atlantic Ave. Simon the Jewish tailor and Caruso's grocery are situated at the corner of Richmond and North Streets. Johnny lannaco establishes one o I the first pastry shops in the End next door to the Paul Revere House.


Marines guard the Paul Revere House during the Boston Police Strike.


Grande’s barber shop located at the corner of Prince and North Streets.


A major brawl occurs in front of the Hotel Rex (formerly the Hotel Italia) over the issue of whether the Taurasi area of Campania grew larger lemons than Sicily. A stiletto duel ensued.


Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Lithuanian immigrants begin to arrive.


Outdoor altar is set up in North Square for a procession in honor of St. Rosalie, patron saint of Palermo, Sicily.


Returning from East Boston, Arthur Fiedler of the Boston Symphony orchestra stops to conduct an impromptu concert on Hanover Street.


Richard Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop of Boston celebrates the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Sacred Heart Church with an outdoor mass in North Square.


A forty-sixth anniversary celebration of the proclamation of the Italian Republic is held in North Square. The celebration includes parades, speeches and music.


Portions of the movie Mrs. Winterbourne filmed in North Square. On July 2 a procession and concert in honor of St. Dominic is held in North Square. On August 6 a six-foot bronze sculpture by local artist Richard Aliberti is donated to Sacred Heart Church by Frank and Jean Privitera. The statue is dedicated to Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini, founder of the Italian missionary movement c. 1900.

Thanks to the Paul Revere Association for this history of North Square.

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